Procrastination, the power of now.

By James Mav | September 26, 2017

Procrastination, the power of now.   Whilst we all consider ourselves quite capable individuals, even the best of us suffer […]

Basic Tax Deductions

By James Mav | September 19, 2017

Basic tax deductions. What you can deduct for a basic individual tax return. A deduction effectively lowers ones taxable income. […]

Using your super for a first home deposit

By James Mav | September 3, 2017

Using your Superannuation as a house deposit. In a scheme to assist first home buyers in purchasing a property the […]

ATO warns against tax related scams!

By James Mav | August 30, 2017

Every year thousands of Australians fall victim to tax related scams. Fraudsters prey on un-assuming Australians, their preferred method is […]

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CAANZ, IPA, CPA Australia, choose your designation (from an employer's perspective).

By James Mav | August 18, 2017

CAANZ, IPA, CPA, which designation is for you (an employer’s perspective). CA, IPA and CPA whilst all being accounting accreditations […]

Changes to super contributions cap

By James Mav | June 27, 2017

Super contributions cap limit. Contributing to your superannuation fund is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce ones […]

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Individual income tax rate changes

By James Mav | June 18, 2017

Changes to individual tax rates: As we all know, individuals in Australia are taxed using a marginal tax system, whereby […]

Proposed investment property changes 2017:

By James Mav | June 11, 2017

With the new budget comes a host of changes. In regards to investment property, these changes will make investment property’s […]

Salary sacrificing your mortgage

By James Mav | April 8, 2017

Overlooked by many individuals, an effective strategy to pay down your mortgage faster is to salary sacrifice your repayments. By […]

Changes to Stamp Duty

By James Mav | April 8, 2017

First home owner proposed changes: Good news for first home buyers, as of 1/07/2017 beneficial changes will be made to […]

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